Introducing iWaddle

It has come to my attention, and I have decided to create a CPPS. Yes, you heard right, we at WaddleStudios are creating our own private server. Thanks to WeMadeFOX, who helped us put it all together. What makes us different?

Our CPPS will not only have it’s custom rooms, items etc. it will also have it’s own parties and custom games (Ex: like the upcoming CPPS : Penguin Medieval). We will also be adding new commands such as : !walk, !nonmebmer, !member, !test, !catalog (ID) and also, the first 100 who register will get a special party hat, rarer than the beta hat.

When will it be launched? It might be some time, since we are still testing and working on rooms etc.

 Hope to see you on iWaddle soon!

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